Rabbits are our mission

Happy Hops was created to help at risk rabbits by raising awareness/education, rescuing abandoned rabbits and rehabilitating them to ultimately find permanent home placement for our rabbits.

Advocacy/Education | Rescue/Rehabilitation


Education is vital for a successful rabbit and human relationship. Education not only provides families with the tools necessary to responsibly plan for rabbit ownership but also to properly care for that rabbit. Therefore, increasing the chances of a successful long term rabbit ownership

Responsible Ownership

Happy Hops is committed to
educating our adoption candidates to ensure that all rabbits get a chance at enriched, fulfilled lives in
knowledgeable homes.

When we weave animal advocacy into the fabric of our community, it’s not only the animals that win.


By adopting a bunny, you are saving an unloved, abandoned, and homeless animal in need of help. You are giving them what they need the most – a loving and caring forever home. Plus, by adopting rather than buying, you’re making space for the next homeless bunny – so that they can also find a new caring owner.


Amaris Garcia

Adoption Coordinator/President

(210) 454-8080


San Antonio, TX